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6 Diaphragm Strengthening Trainings. Includes The “FASHIZ” Resistance Exercise! 

Learn To Give “Effortless” When Singing

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Placement Module


Diction Module


25 Ways To Sing A Song


Emotional Choreography


Learning Songs Like A Pro (FREE)


  • Turn Any Song Into An Exercise With 25 Ways To Sing A Song
  • 6 World Class Placement Trainings
  • 28 Game Changing Diction Exercises
  • Learn How To Create Dynamic And Emotional “Moments” With The Emotional Choreography Module 

What People Are Saying:

I just want to say if you are a person who’s not really sure where you want to take your artistry, I definitely recommend going with Brandon. For a person like me who’s very introverted and lacking confidence to put myself out there, he really helped me develop my voice and confidence. I strongly recommend thee ultimate artist development pack. It will be perfect for you, especially if you're literally just trying to grow and become a better version of who you are. So if you're sitting on the edge about it. This is your time to do it right now. Like right now!


So, you know, there are a lot of singers out there. And then, on the other hand, you have artists, and you may be wondering what differentiates a singer and an artist. And really, it's about the development. And I've been singing all my life, but when I decided to start taking artistry seriously, I knew I needed development, serious development. I searched high and low, and I kept coming back to the same person, Brandon. And when I tell you, he literally changed my life. Once I tapped in with him, from the vocal training, to the performance training, to the breathing techniques, to the marketing strategy, and everything I [never knew] I needed, he came right through, and at that time, it was all in person. But luckily, he's been working on a package that is absolutely insane called the Ultimate Artist Development package. All electronic, all delivered straight to you. If you really, really, really are serious about being an artist tapping with Brandon, he will get you together with this package. I'm telling you, it's worth it. I don't even know how much it costs now, but I know it's way cheaper than what I paid for all of that stuff individually, so it's convenient. I'm sure it's absolutely affordable. If you are serious about this, you definitely need to tap in with Brandon. You cannot go wrong. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Grey Dean